Archived changelog

Changes are listed by most recent.

June 2017

  • Update fade variables to use rgba instead of transparentize color function for better readability #74179
  • Revised "gutters" grid object to include properly-named modifiers, including responsive modifiers #74164
  • Deprecate single-column and table-column from layout module #74095
  • Fix/revert $box-shadow-extra-large to .07 opacity #74231
  • Add .show-on-focus utility class for accessibility #72680
  • Update b tag font weight in base styles #73853

May 2017

  • Update marketing table colors to use new variables #73689
  • Update typography utilities to use new color variables #73689
  • Update support variables and mixins to use new color variables #73689
  • Add .p-responsive class #72006
  • Remove @include clearfix from responsive container classes #73631

April 2017

  • Add State--small to labels module #71975
  • Fix responsive border utilities. #71908
  • Added and updated typography variables and mixins; updated variables used in typography utilities; updated margin, padding, and typography readmes. #66821
  • Darken .box-shadow-extra-large shadow #71314
  • Update .tooltip-multiline to remove word-break: break-word property. #71381
  • Add .border-purple utility class. #71658
  • Add responsive border utilities to primer-marketing. #71658
  • Add ws-normal utility for whitespace: normal. #71594

March 2017

  • Updated syntax and classnames for Counters and Labels, moved into combined module with states. #67917
  • Add negative margin utilities. #70128
  • Move .d-flex & .d-flex-inline to be with other display utility classes in visibility-display.scss. #70079
  • Delete .shade-gradient in favor of .bg-shade-gradient. #70079
  • Removed alt-body-font variable from primer-marketing. #69247
  • Removed un-used alt typography styles from primer-marketing. #69718
  • Add green border utility. #68015
  • Added new border variable and utility, replaced deprecated flash border variables. #69657
  • Updated variable name in form validation. #69634
  • Updated .sr-only to not use negative margin. #69617
  • Added and removed border variables and utilities. #69634
  • Add filter utility to Primer Marketing #69497
  • Removed all custom color variables within Primer-marketing in favor of the new color system. #69512
  • Updated style for form group error display so it is positioned properly. #68267, 69666
  • Updated state closed color and text and background pending utilities. #69551
  • Removed local font css file from primer-marketing/support. #69565
  • Updated all color variables and replaced 579 hex refs across modules with new variables, added additional shades to start introducing a new color system which required updating nearly all primer modules. #68964

February 2017

  • Added layout utility .sr-only for creating screen reader only elements. #68267
  • Added .flex{-infix}-item-equal utilities for creating equal width and equal height flex items.
  • Added .flex{-infix}-row-reverse utility for reversing rows of content #68522
  • Updated .select-menu-button-large to use em units for sizing of the CSS triangle.
  • Added .box-shadow-extra-large utility for large, diffused shadow #68522
  • Updated: removed background color from markdown body #68364
  • Updated: remove background on the only item in an avatar stack. #68268

January 2017

  • Added form utility .form-checkbox-details to allow content to be shown/hidden based on a radio button being checked. #67710
  • Added form utility to override Webkit's incorrect assumption of where to try to autofill contact information. #67710
  • Update primer modules to use bold variable applying font-weight: 600 #64694
  • Added CircleBadge component for badge-like displays within product/components/avatars. #66834
  • Added Box shadow utilities box-shadow, box-shadow-medium, box-shadow-large, box-shadow-none. #66828
  • Moved visibility and display utilities to separate partial at the end of the imports list, moved flexbox to it's own partial #66941
  • Added flex-shrink-0 to address Flexbox Safari bug #66943
  • Updated: Using spacing variables in the .flash component #65145

December 2016

  • Updated Box component styles and documentation #63877
  • Added .wb-break-all utility #66246

November 2016

  • Added red and blue border color variables and utilities #64795
  • Updated: $spacer-5 has been changed to 32px from 36px #64635
  • Updated: $spacer-6 has been changed to 40px from 48px #65069
  • Deprecated link-blue, updated link-gray and link-gray-dark, added link-hover-blue - Updated: blankslate module to use support variables for sizing #65150

October 2016

  • Renamed .flex-table to .TableObject #63438
  • Updated: $spacer-1 has been changed to 4px from 3px #63040
  • Updated: $spacer-2 has been changed to 6px from 8px
  • Added: .text-shadow-dark & .text-shadow-light utilities #63414
  • Updated: Moved non-framework CSS out of Primer modules. Added box.scss to primer-core. Added discussion-timeline.scss to primer-product, and moved blob-csv.scss into /primer-product/markdown directory. #62715

September 2016

  • Added: Flex utilities #56820
  • Refactor: Site typography to use Primer Marketing styles #62702
  • Added: .list-style-none utility #62592
  • Refactor: Button groups into some cleaner CSS #59986
  • Updated: Reorganizing how we separate primer-core, primer-product, primer-marketing css #62514

August 2016

  • Added: Responsive styles for margin and padding utilities, display, float, and new responsive hide utility, and updates to make typography responsive. #58106
  • Added: new container styles and grid styles with responsive options. #58106
  • Added: updated underline nav styles. #58583
  • Deprecate: Deprecating a lot of color and layout utilities #107

July 2016

  • Added: More type utilities for different weights and larger sizes. #58399
  • Added: Well defined browser support #58252

June 2016

  • Added: Update font stack to system fonts. #56473
  • Added: Updated type scale as part of system font update. #56701
  • Added: .Box component for replacing boxed groups, simple box, and table-list styles. #56284
  • Added: New type utilities for headings and line-height #55614
  • Deprecated: vertical-middle was replaced with v-align-middle.
  • Added: Layout utilities for vertical alignment, overflow, width and height, visibility, and display table. #55461
  • Added: Changing from font icons to SVG #56408

May 2016

  • Added: Bringing primer modules back into the main codebase, and publishing to external repositories #53976
  • Removed scss-lint and added stylelint as the CSS linter #54908

April 2016

  • Added: Creating the styleguide #52515

March 2016

  • Added: Animation utilities. #51894

February 2016

  • Added: Whitespace scale, and margin and padding utilities. #50407
  • Added: Border utilities #50751